4th  Exhibition of Papu Photo Project

Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden,
afdeling revalidatie
The Netherlands

Stuart Cohen 2006

Stuart sent us several beautiful photos. We will share more soon.





Igal Jusidman 2000

From Mexico Igal Jusidman joined our project! You can see and read more anbout him here.


  Welcome to Papu's Photo Project

On the following pages we will explain what this project is all about, why we organized it and who the participating photographers are. 

With this project, we support Duniya Foundation in India.
The work of this foundation will be explained in the following pages.

Hans de Clercq

July 2007

Sad news...

Babalu, youngest child and only son of Papu and Chotu, has unexpectedly died earlier this month due to typhoid.

The family is very sad and so are we. We wish them strength...




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