4th  Exhibition of Papu Photo Project

Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


© M. Letsch

Papu's daughter

M. Letsch

  Wim Groeneveld (1939), is a former Public Relations Professional. After his retirement, he decided to dedicate his life to his second love, photography, with people as his major focus. 

Wim made his first trip to India in 1990. Three years later, at the famous Pushkar Camel Fair, he met Papu for the first time. I never could forget her fascinating eyes, he recounts this moment. 



Jean-Philippe Soule
Zvone Seruga
Peter Watson
Séverine Gagnieu
Hans de Clercq
Mirjam Letsch
Jean-Luc Mège
Wim Groeneveld
unknown photographer
Sergio Pessolano
Hans Kemp

© Wim Groeneveld 1995


Wim has continued to travel, expanding his horizon, visiting new countries, searching new colours. And, as he puts it, he’s always looking for a travel companion.
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