4th  Exhibition of Papu Photo Project

Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


© Jean-Philippe Soule

© Jean-Philippe Soule

Jean-Philippe is a photographer who documents indigenous cultures. His work featured in publications such as National Geographic, was published in educational curricula and children's books and used by the United Nations to promote humanitarian and cultural projects.

In 2000 he founded the non-profit organization Native Planet to encourage

Jean-Philippe Soule
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Peter Watson
Séverine Gagnieu
Hans de Clercq
Mirjam Letsch
Jean-Luc Mège
Wim Groeneveld
unknown photographer
Sergio Pessolano
Hans Kemp
  cultural preservation by consulting directly with native communities and producing exquisite photo documentaries of their lifestyles. Jean-Philippe also founded Around the World in a Viewfinder, a stock photo agency specializing in travel and indigenous cultures.

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