4th  Exhibition of Papu Photo Project

Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
© Peter Watson

© Peter Watson

Peter first travelled to India in 1976 when he cycled with a friend from Rajasthan to Varanasi on two 'Hero Cycles', camping at the roadside overnight, lighting fires to cook on. It took six weeks to reach Varanasi.

Since then, Peter has been to India 15 times. He started taking photos about ten years ago. Peter is not 

Jean-Philippe Soule
Zvone Seruga
Peter Watson
Séverine Gagnieu
Hans de Clercq
Mirjam Letsch
Jean-Luc Mège
Wim Groeneveld
unknown photographer
Sergio Pessolano
Hans Kemp


  a professional photographer, but often gives slide shows to small groups about Indian life. He also enters many slide competitions around the world and has won the photo-travel section of the Hasselblad Austrian Super-circuit twice. Peter is 54 now, and hopes to be travelling to this wonderful country for many years to come.

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