4th  Exhibition of Papu Photo Project

Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


© Zvone Seruga

© Zvone Seruga

Zvone (1956) is a world traveller from Slovenia, who has spent a good part of his life on the road. Among other things, het travelled four years around the world on a motorcycle. Freelance photographer and journalist by profession, he has published seven travel books so far. 

Zvone lives in Ljubljana with his wife and two kids. They spend a lot of time together backpacking through Asia and Africa.

And how did he meet Papu? Simply on the streets of Pushkar around 5 years ago.

Jean-Philippe Soule
Zvone Seruga
Peter Watson
Séverine Gagnieu
Hans de Clercq
Mirjam Letsch
Jean-Luc Mège
Wim Groeneveld
unknown photographer
Sergio Pessolano
Hans Kemp


  She was stunningly beautiful and was just smiling for a couple of quick shots. A year later she found her way to the cover of his book Roads into the Unknown. Zvone was looking for her 3 years later, and she was there again, this time with her husband, 2 kids and pregnant. The royalties for that cover were enough for a safe delivery in hospital.

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